Audacious, the style of this dining room LOUVRE Louis XV matches to the second half of the 17th century. New style, it allows to explore new forms. Cabinet makers control materials and curves better,

The Louis XV style is recognizable by its baroque-inspired rock decorations and by its graceful curves and contorted counter-curves forming asymmetrical decorative patterns. This homogeneous, feminine and delicate style is also called rocaille style, Pompadour style or rococo style. The pure Louis XV style is between 1730 and 1750-60 during the reign of King Louis XV (1723 to 1774).

Cabinetmakers of this great period of French furniture will make light, elegant and comfortable furniture of great value. The ornamentation is inspired by nature with flower motifs, seashells and stylized acanthus leaves. The marble tops crown the tops of Louis XV furniture. The rich quality bronzes cover the facades of veneer, marquetry and lacquer panels from China.

The Louis XV chairs are particularly marked by this style with folded and asymmetrical feet. Worked as a major element Louis XV furniture today marks a soft aesthetic and borrows femininity. An ideal of lightness, full of charm and elegance.

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