The French neo-classical style of the Empire corresponded to the reign of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. The Empire follows the Consulate. It begins with the coronation of Napoleon in 1804 and ends in 1815 with the defeat of Waterloo. The Empire style then spread throughout Europe and actually extended into the 1820s. It is also known as Napoleon 1st or First Empire.

The directionalism of the Arts organized by the architects and ornemanists Percier and Fontaine gives a unified Empire style, relatively easy to identify. Decorative themes revolve around the themes of the "return of Egypt", the Roman antiquity and the classical architectural repertoire from the 1810s. The massive, luxurious and ostentatious furniture of the Empire style are made mainly of mahogany wood. Beautiful golden bronzes contrast on the geometrical volumes of this furniture with the large smooth surfaces of veneer. The homogeneity of the decoration of interior with the pieces of furniture is made thanks to the use of beautiful colored fabrics.

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