The Baroque is an artistic current that uses exaggerated movement and size, with exuberance, in sculpture, painting, architecture, literature, dance and music.

It was in Italy that Baroque appeared in the 16th century before spreading rapidly throughout Europe and in all branches of art, from literature to music, including architecture and painting. The term, attributed afterwards to this stylistic current by art historians, comes from the Portuguese "barroco" and designates a stone of irregular shape. We find the first elements of style in the work of Michelangelo. The success of this current will be dazzling from its appearance around 1580. The dramatic side of the baroque is quickly recovered by the Catholic church because it is perfectly in harmony with the religious themes whose emotional implication it multiplies. A taste for the colossal and the profusion of details.Il recognizes itself to the richness of its ornamentations, a taste for the grand and the imposing mixed with a concern for the detail often confining to flourish.

It always results in an exaggerated opulence of materials and colors. Gildings, lace, sparkles and fantasy are often the recognizable signs of a piece of baroque furniture today.

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